Reference HLG 900/17
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Billeting Arrangements. Offers of accommodation
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Evacuation, Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Evacuation scheme, Reception and billeting
Document Types Official Correspondence, Advertisements, Pamphlets, and Posters
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London, Region 7: South Western (Bristol HQ)
Locations Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Evesham, Gloucestershire, London, Toddington
Organisations County Councils, House of Commons, National Fitness Council, Town Councils


A file of government correspondence and a pamphlet relating to members of the public offering accommodation for child evacuees to assist in the British government's evacuation scheme in the case of emergency. Subjects covered in the file include a woman offering billeting to toddlers from London and other large towns; and a man offering accommodation for schoolchildren in a Gloucestershire village. Other subjects discussed include the owner of Toddington Manor in Gloucestershire highlighting the potential benefits of the manor for child evacuees to the government. Such benefits included amenities for recreation; meal provisions; sanitation, though only if children are disciplined and well-behaved; and the suggestion to use the manor as a holiday camp prior to evacuation. Documents in the file include a pamphlet advertising the manor for the government to consider purchasing.


accommodation, airfields, air-raid precautions, amenities, billeting, camps, children, communications, discipline, education, emergency procedures, environment, evacuation, evacuees, food supplies, healthcare, housing, infants, local authorities, meals, prices, public health, public spaces, reception areas, recreation, rural areas, sanitation, schools, Sir John Anderson, standard of living, teachers, towns, villages, welfare

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