Reference HLG 900/13
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Billeting Arrangements. Evacuees from special coastal towns
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Evacuation
Subthemes Evacuation scheme, Reception and billeting, Transport and travel
Document Types Official Correspondence, Reports and Surveys, Statistical Data
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations Cricklewood, Edgware, Golders Green, Hendon, London, Mill Hill, Potters Bar, Southend-on-Sea, Surbiton
Organisations Urban District Councils


A file of documents relating to Hendon Borough's evacuation scheme of evacuees to coastal areas. Subjects covered in the file include transport provisions for evacuees, including train timetables and bus services to railway stations; and provisions at railway stations to assist evacuees preparing for evacuation, including evacuation staff, blankets, sanitation amenities, healthcare, and meals. Other subjects covered in the file include concern over the influx of evacuees with illnesses or long-term health issues; billeting payments to householders by evacuees; and prosecutions for evacuees who do not comply with billeting regulations. Documents in the file include statistics on the number of teachers, evacuees, and billets distributed per zone; a list of detraining supervisors by zone; statistics on the number of potential billets per road; a form for the appointment of billeting officers; and a discussion of the need to avoid the use of requisitioned homes for billeting.


accommodation, administration, air-raid precautions, allowances, amenities, bedding, billeting, buses, children, coastal areas, communal feeding, communications, defence regulations, demographics, disease, distribution, doctors, education, emergency procedures, employment, empty houses, evacuable areas, evacuation, evacuees, family, finance, fines, food preparation, food supplies, gas, healthcare, holidays, householders, housing, imprisonment, infants, infrastructure, local authorities, meals, mothers, motor vehicles, nurses, oil, parents, police, population distribution, postal communications, prosecution, public health, public transport, railway stations, railways, reception areas, refugees, requisitioning, roads, sanitation, schools, teachers, telephonic communications, towns, transportation, unaccompanied evacuees, water supply, youths

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