Reference HLG 900/11
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Billeting Arrangements. Complaints by or on behalf of individuals
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Evacuation, Domestic Life
Subthemes Foreign nationals and newcomers, Reception and billeting, Health and welfare, Housing and living conditions
Document Types Official Correspondence, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations Amersham, Balham, Banbury, Bournemouth, Chichester, Devonshire, Eastbourne, Hammersmith, London, Luton, Malborough, Tooting, Wiltshire
Organisations British Broadcasting Corporation, County Councils, Rural District Councils, Women's Voluntary Service


A file of documents featuring complaints, either by individuals or on their behalf concerning the British government's evacuation scheme. Subjects covered in the file include the unsuitability of billeting conditions for child evacuees, including cold draughts with the potential to cause illness, and a lack of suitable bedding; the risk of malnutrition due to poor food provisions for evacuees, such as a lack of green vegetables; and householders' disregard for child welfare, including leaving children unwashed, leading to the risk of skin disease. Other subjects include parents wishing to return their children to London due to poor billeting conditions; and householders complaining about the poor behaviour of evacuees, including one bedwetting girl and children who partake in dangerous activities. Documents in the file include a discussion of the case of Michael Acres, a boy who is to receive medical treatment for skin disease due to poor billeting conditions.


accommodation, agricultural production, agriculture, air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid wardens, allowances, bedding, billeting, bread, camps, charity, cheese, childcare, children, clothing, conscription, dairy, disability, disease, doctors, education, evacuable areas, evacuation, evacuees, family, finance, food supplies, foster parents, furnishings, gardens, gas masks, grants, healthcare, horses, hospitals, hostels, householders, housing, impetigo, infants, infrastructure, land usage, livestock, local authorities, malnutrition, maternity, meals, mental health, milk, mothers, motor vehicles, newspapers, parents, postal communications, public health, public spaces, radio broadcasts, railway stations, railways, ration books, rationing, reception areas, recreation, rural areas, sanitation, scabies, schools, standard of living, tea, teachers, telephonic communications, transportation, vegetables, volunteers, welfare, winter, wives

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