Reference HLG 900/7
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Billeting Arrangements. Arrangements in local authorities areas
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Evacuation, Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Evacuation scheme, Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence, Transport and travel
Document Types Official Correspondence, Reports and Surveys, Miscellaneous
Civil Defence Regions Region 10: North Western (Manchester HQ)
Locations Bebington, Birkenhead, Cheshire, Lleyn, Merseyside, Portmadoc, Wirral
Organisations Air Raid Precautions, Borough Councils, Urban District Councils


A file of documents relating to the British government's evacuation scheme in Bebington Borough, Cheshire. Subjects discussed in the file include the local authorities' concern over Bebington's designation as a neutral area despite hosting shipping facilities, which may invite enemy air raids and so jeopardise the safety of children; a request to the government by the M.P. for Wirral for Bebington to be evacuated; and the government's response that extending the evacuation area is impractical, as the rail timetables cannot be changed. Other subjects covered include the arrangements for the evacuation of schoolchildren to Wales, including transport provisions. Documents in the file include a review of the areas to be evacuated, or to be excluded as reception areas; a petition from the Bebington A.R.P. People's Council to classify the borough as an evacuation area; forms for the return of unaccompanied children to Bebington; and a survey of the results of enemy air raids.


accommodation, administration, air raids, air-raid precautions, billeting, bomb damage, childcare, children, civilian casualties, demographics, evacuable areas, evacuation, evacuees, family, fuel, householders, housing, industrial areas, industry, infrastructure, local authorities, maternity, mothers, motor vehicles, neutral areas, overcrowding, parents, petrol, population density, population distribution, railway stations, railways, rationing, reception areas, roads, schools, surveys, towns, transportation, unaccompanied evacuees, welfare

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