Reference HLG 82/21
Title Stoke-on-Trent area report
Former Department Reference 91639/24A
Government Department Ministry of Works and Buildings
Themes Preparations for War and Peace, Industry and Infrastructure
Subthemes Post-war planning, Manufacturing and materials, Labour supply and relations, Transport and travel
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence, Maps, Charts, and Diagrams
Civil Defence Regions Region 9: Midlands (Birmingham HQ)
Locations Alsager, Burslem, Cheshire, Chesterton, Fenton, Hanley, Kidsgrove, Longton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Spain, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Swynnerton, Tunstall
Organisations British Pottery Manufacturers' Association, National Whitley Council, Royal Ordnance Factory


A file containing a report with supplementary material, produced by M. Forsyth and M. Morris for Nuffield College's Social Reconstruction Survey, on industry and employment in Stoke-on-Trent and the surrounding area. Topics covered by the report include a geographical and social summary of the region; the transportation networks in the area; employment and unemployment, including the influx of female labour into the workforce; and a discussion on the main industrial activity in the area. The report analyses the pre-war situation and the effects of the war, and suggests future prospects and measures for the change back to peacetime industry. The file also contains correspondence on the report's circulation; two illustrative maps; miscellaneous supplementary notes; and two copies of the appendices to the report, on the post-war plans of pottery firms and the views of local representative bodies on the state of industry, including industrial bodies and political parties.


aircraft, airports, buses, canals, chemicals, clay, clothing, coal, communal feeding, compensation, conscription, construction, construction materials, cotton, dairy, demographics, disease, domestic equipment, economic depression, education, electricity, employment, engineering, entertainment, explosives, exports, factories, female labour, gas, geography, haulage, healthcare, hostels, housing, industrial areas, industrial concentration, industrial disputes, industrial production, industry, infrastructure, iron, Labour Party, labour supply, land usage, meals, metals, milk, mining, motor vehicles, munitions, nationalisation, Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey, overseas trade, population density, post-war planning, pottery, poverty, price controls, prices, public health, public transport, railway stations, railways, raw materials, reconstruction, retail, roads, rubber, rural areas, sanitation, schools, sewerage, skilled labour, slums, statistics, steel, taxation, textiles, towns, trade unions, transportation, unemployment, urban development, vocational training, wages, water supply, working conditions

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