Reference HLG 82/16
Title Reorganisation of water supply
Former Department Reference 91639/18
Government Department Ministry of Works and Buildings
Themes Preparations for War and Peace, Rationing and Supply
Subthemes Post-war planning, Fuel and utilities
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence, Meeting Minutes
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Glasgow, London, New York
Organisations Central Electricity Board, Committee on Water Supply, Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Forestry Commission, Lord President's Committee, Milne Committee, Royal Ordnance Factory


A file containing an interim report on the national water supply, along with a variety of associated documents, produced for Nuffield College's Social Reconstruction Survey. Topics covered in the report include an assessment of the supply and inadequacies of the present water system; the relationship between urban and rural development and the improvement of the water supply; and proposals to establish a National Water Committee. Other documents in the file include official correspondence on the circulation of the report; multiple summaries outlining its main points; and detailed notes on the proceedings and conclusions of a pre-war commission on the water supply. Other documents include the observations of government departments on the Nuffield College report; a description of a pre-war bill on the water supply; and an extract from the minutes of the Lord President's Committee on a meeting discussing the water supply.


agriculture, amenities, civil consumption, construction, departmental responsibilities, disease, distribution, domestic equipment, engineering, factories, government committees, government departments, healthcare, housing, industrial consumption, industry, local authorities, Nuffield College Reconstruction Survey, post-war planning, prices, public health, reconstruction, reserve stocks, rural areas, sanitation, sewerage, towns, urban development, wastage, water supply, weather

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