Reference FO 371/29176
Title Advisory Council on Aliens
Former Department Reference File 47 (papers 3503-5203)
Government Department Foreign Office
Themes Social Relations
Subthemes Foreign nationals and newcomers, Housing and living conditions, Dislocated populations, Central and local government
Document Types Meeting Minutes, Statistical Data, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Australia, Canada, Colchester, Huyton, Isle of Man, King's Lynn, Liverpool, London
Organisations Advisory Council on Aliens, British Council
Article(s) from Daily Sketch © Associated Newspapers/Solo Syndication.


A file of official correspondence, reports, and meeting minutes concerning the internment of enemy aliens. The documents discuss the resignation of Victor Bulwer-Lytton, the second Earl of Lytton, from the British government's Council on Aliens; and the British government's role in providing either employment, or unemployment benefits, to enemy aliens released from British internment camps. The documents also contain a report produced by Eleanor Rathbone, a Labour Party Member of Parliament, identifying "black spots" in the British government's treatment of enemy aliens; and the minutes of several meetings of the Council on Aliens, convened to discuss the lives of enemy aliens in internment camps, both in Britain itself and in the wider British Commonwealth. Other documents in the file include a report on the workings of the British Council's Resident Foreigners Department; and a series of statistical tables outlining applications for release by German, Austrian, and Italian nationals held in British internment camps.


aliens, Belgian nationals, books, British Dominions, children, committee members, culture, Czechoslovak nationals, Dutch nationals, employment, French nationals, German nationals, government committees, government departments, insurance, internment, Italian nationals, Jews, Labour Party, law, Polish nationals, prisoner-of-war camps, prisoners of war, prisons, propaganda, refugees, resignations, students, unemployment, welfare

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