Reference FO 371/25249
Title Regulations governing aliens
Former Department Reference File 7848 (pp.10335-end)
Government Department Foreign Office
Themes Social Relations
Subthemes Dislocated populations, Foreign nationals and newcomers
Document Types Official Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, Memoranda
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Canada, Cardiff, Ceylon, Darwen, Dodecanese, Edinburgh, London, Northwood, Norway
Organisations Advisory Council on Aliens, British Broadcasting Corporation, Home Guard, Security Service
Notes The following article(s) have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 27 November 1940, Greeks in England.
Article(s) from Evening Standard © Evening Standard.


A file of documents relating to the British government's restrictions on foreign nationals. Subjects covered in the file include exemption requests by aliens relating to entry into protected areas, freedom of movement, and internment. These aliens include Dutch nationals, including medical professionals, soldiers, businessmen, Catholic workers, a B.B.C. employee, and government officials; German political refugees from Norway; Swedish nationals; Belgian nationals, including government officials and a disabled ex-serviceman; Polish nationals, including academics; Norwegian nationals, including an expeditioner; Spanish nationals, including long-term residents in the U.K., B.B.C. journalists, and officials; Argentinian nationals; Dodecanese Italian nationals interned in Ceylon; Greek mercantile marine officers; and Soviet trade delegation officials wishing to visit their evacuated families. Other subjects discussed include meetings of the Aliens Advisory Committee, concerning exemptions for protected areas, the relief of hardships caused by the restrictions, and a review of restrictions imposed on French nationals in the event of war.


accommodation, administration, aliens, Allied nations, Argentinian nationals, Belgian nationals, British Empire, business, children, communications, culture, dependants, disability, doctors, Dutch nationals, education, employment, enemy-occupied countries, Estonian nationals, family, film, finance, fishing, foreign currency, former servicemen, French nationals, fuel, German nationals, government committees, Greek nationals, healthcare, housing, identity cards, industry, infrastructure, internment, Italian nationals, Latvian nationals, law, Lithuanian nationals, local authorities, marriage, merchant seamen, military casualties, Norwegian nationals, overseas trade, petrol, police, Polish nationals, poverty, protected areas, public health, radio, refugees, religion, Roman Catholics, science, soldiers, Soviet nationals, Spanish nationals, Swedish nationals, telegraphic communications, unemployment, universities, wives

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