Reference FO 371/25246
Title Regulations governing aliens
Former Department Reference File 7848 (pp.8390-8516)
Government Department Foreign Office
Themes Social Relations
Subthemes Dislocated populations, Foreign nationals and newcomers
Document Types Official Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports and Surveys
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Accra, Dodecanese, Greece, Italy
Organisations Advisory Council on Aliens, Red Cross, Royal Air Force, Security Service


A file of documents relating to the British government's restrictions on foreign nationals. Subjects covered in the file include a request for the naturalisation of a Swedish divorcée; exemption requests for Swedish nationals, including a Red Cross volunteer, a clergyman, and a cook; the effect of restrictions on Belgian nationals, including hardship due to job and asset losses; Belgian requests for exemptions similar to those granted to French nationals; the housing and welfare situation of refugees; and the Foreign Office's attitude toward complaints from diplomatic missions. Other subjects discussed include an exemption request for a Greek businessman; legislation relating to exemptions, restrictions, protected areas, registration, employment, and deportation; a request to interview an interned Hungarian national; exemption requests for Bulgarian nationals; the issue of determining the nationality of a Sammarinese diplomat; the internment of Italian nationals of Greek origin in Accra; and requests for exemption certificates for Dutch diplomatic staff.


accommodation, administration, Albanian nationals, aliens, Allied nations, Austrian nationals, Belgian armed forces, Belgian nationals, bicycles, billeting, British Empire, Bulgarian nationals, business, charity, childcare, children, civil service, coastal areas, culture, defence regulations, deportation, disability, divorce, Dutch nationals, education, emergency procedures, employment, evacuation, factories, family, finance, food preparation, former servicemen, freight shipping, French nationals, fruit, gardens, German nationals, Greek nationals, healthcare, hotels, householders, housing, Hungarian nationals, identity cards, immigration, imprisonment, industrial production, industry, infrastructure, internment, interviews, Italian nationals, law, literature, local authorities, marriage, merchant seamen, motor vehicles, munitions, nurses, offences, personal income, police, poverty, prisons, prosecution, protected areas, public health, railways, refugees, religion, Sammarinese nationals, schools, Sir John Anderson, Swedish nationals, towns, Turkish nationals, unemployment, United States nationals, universities, vegetables, villages, voluntary organisations, volunteers, welfare, wives

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