A file containing reports on the evacuation scheme out of London, which attempt to judge whether the scheme had been a success in multiple areas. Topics covered include a narrative history of evacuation, including pre-war planning; the different phases of the evacuation schemes; and an account of the demographic make-up of those evacuated. Also discussed are the practical aspects of evacuation, including provisions for mothers with young children and disabled persons. Social issues are given attention, such as the relationship between evacuees and the residents of reception areas; the cultural education and activities of evacuees; the health of evacuated children; and the effect of evacuation on schooling and education.


accommodation, agriculture, air raids, Battle of Britain, billeting, bomb damage, British Dominions, buses, camps, childcare, children, civilian casualties, clothing, colleges, coupons, dairy, disability, Dunkirk evacuation, education, evacuation, family, female labour, film, finance, flying bombs, holidays, homelessness, hostels, infrastructure, livestock, local authorities, London Underground, maternity, milk, mothers, motor vehicles, Munich Crisis, nutrition, old age, overseas evacuation, parents, propaganda, public morale, public transport, railways, rationing, reception areas, rural areas, school meals, schools, social services, statistics, teachers, theatre, threat of invasion, towns, transportation, vocational training, volunteers

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