Reference ED 136/121
Title Conferences. Discussions with Ministry of Health, London County Council, Association of Directors and Secretaries for Education and Association of Education Committees
Former Department Reference 2107(6)
Government Department Board of Education
Themes Evacuation, Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Reception and billeting, Evacuation scheme, Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence, Transport and travel
Document Types Memoranda, Official Correspondence, Statistical Data
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide, Region 5: London, Region 11: Scotland (Edinburgh HQ)
Locations Bedford, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, China, Cornwall, Devon, Ealing, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdon, Kent, London, Luton, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Peterborough, Sandy, Spain, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, Wimbledon
Organisations Air Raid Precautions, Anderson Committee, Association of Councils of Counties and Cities, Association of Directors and Secretaries for Education, Association of Education Committees, Association of Municipal Corporations, Care Committees, Children's Country Holiday Fund, Convention of Royal Burghs, County Councils, County Councils Association, Education Committee, Headmasters' Conference, House of Commons, Independent Schools Association, Local Education Authorities, Milk Marketing Board, Ministry of Health, National Union of Teachers, Rural District Councils Association, Territorial Army, Urban District Councils Association


A file of documents relating to the British government's evacuation plans. Subjects covered in the file include provisions for the evacuation of schoolchildren from London; the evacuation of priority classes; air-raid precautions such as air-raid shelters and school closures; and evacuation in Scotland. Other subjects covered include the allocation of reception areas to evacuees; the issue of overcrowding in schools located in reception areas; a proposal for experienced women to volunteer in the evacuation of schoolchildren; and the local authorities' financial concerns over receiving evacuees, including the cost of school materials. Documents in the file include the meeting minutes of the Conference on the Evacuation of Schoolchildren; a discussion of emergency radio broadcasts for teachers and parents to prepare schoolchildren for evacuation; a discussion of the number of evacuees to be detrained; and a script for parents' meetings addressing parents' concerns over the welfare of their children.


accommodation, administration, air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, air-raid wardens, allowances, ambulances, amenities, bedding, bicycles, billeting, blindness, buses, camps, childcare, children, Chinese Civil War, cinemas, civil defence, clothing, communal feeding, communications, conferences, conscription, construction, dairy, deafness, disability, discipline, disease, dockyards, doctors, education, electricity, emergency procedures, employment, empty houses, evacuable areas, evacuation, evacuees, factories, family, finance, food preparation, food supplies, foster parents, government committees, grants, healthcare, holidays, hospitals, householders, housing, industrial workers, industry, infants, infrastructure, inspections, labour supply, land usage, local authorities, London Underground, maternity, meals, mental health, military reserves, milk, mothers, motor vehicles, municipal buildings, newspapers, nurses, Occupation of Czechoslovakia, overcrowding, parents, police, priority classes, private education, private evacuation, public health, public transport, radio, radio broadcasts, railway stations, railways, reception areas, recreation, refugees, religion, religious buildings, roads, sanitation, school-leaving age, schools, Sir John Anderson, Spanish Civil War, special schools, standard of living, state education, statistics, teachers, telegraphic communications, telephonic communications, traffic, transportation, villages, voluntary organisations, volunteers, welfare, wives

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