Document Title Food Policy Committees: Minutes and Papers. Papers 1(40) - 69(40)
Reference CAB 74/3
Title AGRICULTURAL LABOUR POSITION. Memo. by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and S/S Scotland. Pre-War Position. Ploughing-up campaign. Requirements for: Position since the outbreak of war. Steps already taken of proposed, for maintenance of: Prospects and Possibilities. Future: Wages and Conditions. Improvement of: Further measures to prevent the drift from the Land. Agricultural workers and the Fighting Services. Priority of: Gang labour proposals. Extension of: Industrial Conscription. Measures towards: Accommodation for additional workers. Summary. Labour situation in England and Wales and Scotland, 1929 and 1939. Comparison of: (App.I). Steps taken in peace time. (App.II). Age of reservation. Women's Land Army. Steps taken since the outbreak of war. (App.III) Release of men from the Army. Postponement of Calling Up of Agricultural Workers. Drift of Workers to other Occupations. Irish Labour. 1939 Harvest. Steps taken in connection with: Soldiers for Harvest Work. Volunteers. (App. IV). Gang labour. Women seasonal workers. Industrial Unemployed. Diversion of: Roadmen. Release of: Schoolboys. Schemes for the employment of: Boys. Training of: Refugees. Employment of: Conscientious Objectors. Employment of: Prisoners of War. Employment of
Former Department Reference FP(M)(40) 25
Government Department War Cabinet
Themes Rationing and Supply
Subthemes Agriculture and food supply, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Memoranda, Statistical Data
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Organisations Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Scottish Office, Sub-Committee on Food Policy, Women's Land Army
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