Document Title Committee on Emergency Legislation. Meetings 1(43) - 2(43) Papers 1(43) - 13(43), 24 July-23 Dec 1943; Meetings 1(44) - 5(44) Papers 1(44) - 22(44), 1 Jan-12 Dec 1944
Reference CAB 71/29
Former Department Reference EL(44) 5
Government Department War Cabinet
Themes Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Central and local government, Post-war planning
Document Types Memoranda
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide, Region 11: Scotland (Edinburgh HQ), Region 13: Northern Ireland
Locations Argyll, Belgian Congo, Belgium, Blackpool, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Clyde, Denmark, Egypt, Eire, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Harrogate, India, Iran, Isle of Wight, Norway, Scilly Isles, Skye, South Africa, Southampton, Southern Rhodesia, Soviet Union, Sweden, Turkey, United States of America
Organisations Agricultural Wages Board, Air Council, Army Council, Bacon Development Board, Bacon Marketing Board, British Employers' Confederation, British Trades Union Congress, Canadian Fire Fighters, City Councils, Civil Defence Reserve, Civilian Technical Corps, Committee on Emergency Legislation, Forestry Commission, General Medical Council, General Post Office, Home Guard, Inter-Departmental Committee on Censorship, Local Education Authorities, Mental Hospital and Institutional Workers' Union, Metropolitan Police, Milk Marketing Board, Miners' Welfare Commission, National Air Raid Precautions Committee, National Fire Service, National Union of Seamen, Pharmaceutical Society, Poisons Board, Police Federation, Royal Air Force, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Courts of Justice, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Royal Observer Corps, Territorial Cadet Force, Ulster Home Guard, War Agricultural Executive Committees


accommodation, agricultural equipment, agricultural production, agriculture, air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, alcohol, alcoholic spirits, aliens, Allied nations, allotments, allowances, ambulances, amenities, animal feed, apples, bacon, banking, barley, bedding, billeting, birth rate, black market, bomb disposal, books, bridges, British Union of Fascists, burials, buses, camouflage, canals, capital punishment, cattle, censorship, cereals, charity, chickens, children, cinemas, civil consumption, civil defence, Civil Defence Districts, Civil Defence Regions, civil service, clothing, coal, coastal areas, communal feeding, communications, compensation, conferences, conscription, construction, construction materials, cotton, coupons, court martial, crime, culture, curfews, Daily Worker, dairy, demobilisation, demolition, depots, deserters, disability, disease, distilling, distribution, dogs, Double Summer Time, drainage, education, electricity, emergency procedures, emigration, employment, end of the war in Europe, enemy-occupied countries, engineering, entertainment, environment, espionage, evacuable areas, evacuation, evacuees, exports, factories, farmers, fascism, fertilisers, film, finance, financial services, fines, fire prevention, first aid, fish, fishing, flour, food supplies, foreign currency, freight shipping, fruit, fuel, gas, grants, harvests, healthcare, holidays, homelessness, horses, hospitals, hotels, householders, housing, hunting, immigration, imports, imprisonment, industrial action, industrial equipment, industrial production, industrial workers, industry, insurance, labour supply, land ownership, land usage, law, Lend-Lease, licensing, livestock, loans, local authorities, looting, margarine, material supplies, meals, meat, medical supplies, mental health, merchant seamen, metals, midwives, military operations, milk, milling, minimum wage, mining, motor vehicles, munitions, munitions industry, natural resources, newspapers, nurses, oats, Occupation of Denmark, offal, offences, overseas trade, paper, parents, patents, pensions, petrol, photography, pigeons, pigs, police, population distribution, pork, postal communications, post-war planning, potatoes, poultry, price controls, prices, printing, prisoners, prisoners of war, propaganda, public health, public morale, public transport, publishing, quarrying, quotas, rabbits, railways, rationing, raw materials, reception areas, recreation, religious buildings, requisitioning, restaurants, retail, roads, sabotage, salvage, sanitation, schools, shipbuilding, soap, state education, students, sugar, taxation, teachers, telegraphic communications, textiles, threat of invasion, timber, tomatoes, trade unions, traffic, transportation, unemployment, unexploded bombs, United States Armed Forces, universities, vegetables, vermin, wages, wastage, waste disposal, water supply, welfare, wheat, wholesale, wildlife, women's auxiliary services, wool, working conditions, working hours, youths

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