Document Title Meeting Nos. 1(40) - 29(40), 11 June-20 Dec 1940; Papers Nos. 1(40) - 62(40), 12 June-29 Aug 1940; Statistics 1(40) - 4a, 12 Dec 1940
Reference CAB 71/1
Title ECONOMIC PROGRESS REPORT NO. 2. Note by Minister without Portfolio circulating: Recent movements in retail prices (Annex A). Restriction of non-essential capital construction. (Annex B). Utilisation of existing capital equipment. (Annex C). British effects of the collapse of France on coal industry. (Annex D)
Former Department Reference LP(40) 21
Government Department War Cabinet
Themes Preparations for War and Peace, Rationing and Supply
Subthemes Manufacturing and materials, The wartime economy, Rationing, licensing, and price control
Document Types Memoranda, Reports and Surveys
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations France
Organisations Lord President's Committee
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